Jacques Silbert is a visionary golden age traveller who has been travelling the world on his classic biplane since his early 30s in the quest for inspiration to bring his sense of beauty to the next level. 

Jacques is a determined person who sets his own rules. He believes in the authenticity of the the individual as well as in the simplicity of style.

When it comes to clothing Jacques creates his own trend, to stand out from the crowd by wearing unique accessories that can represent his own personality.

Jacques Goal is to let your style break free so you can wear the purest expression of who you are in every step you take. Something that carries not only your belongings but your signature, your own personal touch. Something that connects the past to the future in a fashionable manner.

In the pursue of his goal, Jacques has chosen to make his own bespoke leather brand to give you the possibility to take control of your own style, giving you the freedom of choice to create durable leather accessories that will not perish but only improve the way they look as time goes by. 


Jacques Silbert Leather goods uses the latest technology available to allow you design your very own products using our State-of-the-art design tool, that will then be handcrafted by the most talented artisans in the ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

This means, our products are truly unique and tailor made for you. Our design tool will allow you to design your own product and to visualize it on your screen with a 3D representation.

After you complete your design and place the order we will pass all your specification to our talented artisans who will carefully review them and will start handcrafting it for YOU.

We have carefully chosen the highest quality materials, from the cow and buffalo hides, to original YKK zippers.

We are fully committed not only to bring you the best bespoke experience but the most durable and unique Leather Handcraft as well.


We are living in an era where mass production in industrial factories is the norm, leading to a fast fashion mentality that is hurting our planet. 

We understand that in order to accomplish our mission of providing you with the best bespoke and durable leather products we needed to find a different way. 

So, we decided not to produce in factories and to handcraft one piece at a time ensuring that every one of our products comes with heart and soul .

We have chosen to work with experienced local artisans that have their workshops in their own houses. They own their sewing machines and they work in very good conditions.

We believe that if we want to provide you with an unique accessory that carries your signature it must be made with care and love.

We know that our technology is an important part of our concept but in reality our artisans are our super stars.

We want to thank them for their delicate work putting together great pieces of leather.


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